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Promoting both mental and physical health, at HMA REtreats Wellness holiday we offer the opportunity to discover incredibly exciting places, while experiencing rejuvenating activities and nutritious food, sourced locally. Mindfulness is the key!


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Time to get lost in the wilderness and rejuvenate yourself.
Wellness is internal & external, it is time to give your mind and body the much needed break.

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Ananda in the Himalayas – Rishikesh | A Rejuvenating Spa Holiday

Cities Covered: Uttarakhand, India| Ideal Duration: 6D | Best Time: Oct – Feb | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 5N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • 3 Rejuvenation SPA cuisine meals daily
  • Individual Wellness (Ayurvedic) Consultation
  • Ayurvedic Therapy Session
  • International Therapy Session
  • Cleansing Therapy

Why HMA Recommends ?

Feel the tension seep out of your muscles with our wellness retreat programs that follow a holistic approach towards achieving the best results. Wellness programs are tailor-made for your individual health goals to create a sustainable journey towards a healthier, enriched lifestyle.

Atmantan Wellness – Mulshi

Cities Covered: Pune, India
Ideal Duration: 4D | Best Time: Oct – Feb | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 3N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • 3 SPA cuisine meals daily
  • Initial Wellness Consultation
  • Body Composition
  • Postural Assessment
  • Prescribed Treatment
  • Personal Training

Why HMA Recommends ?

We want you to live well… to truly live your life at its best. Well-researched and practical lifestyle enhancement programs to individuals looking to initiate the journey of bettering your health and to help you understand the relationship between sound nutrition and the functioning of the body.

Svatma Wellness resort- Thanjavur – Tamil Nadu | A voyage of discovery of the mind indulging in the luxury of leisure,

Cities Covered: Tamil Nadu, India
Ideal Duration: 4D | Best Time: Oct – Feb | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 3N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • 3 Wellness breakfast daily
  • Naturopathic culinary program with tutorial/culinary classes.
  • Two-foot massages by the pool.
  • Yoga sessions are entirely complimentary.
  • Restorative organic packs in the room amenity
  • Revival juices and fresh salads.

Why HMA Recommends ?

The epitome of Tamil culture and art evolved into a space-time capsule of mystique and allure. It is more than a highly individualistic travel destination. The remarkable romance of contemporary artists flirting with curated antiques and experimenting with ancient art forms in a space resonating with the chanting of Vedas.

Vedic Village Spa resort Kolkata | A tranquil sanctuary with a unique ambiance of tradition, art, and nature.

Cities Covered: Kolkata, India
Ideal Duration: 4D | Best Time: Oct – Feb | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 3N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • Wellness breakfast & 1 major meal daily
  • Ayurveda consultation.
  • Immunity building package.
  • Immunity boosters
  • Detox Therapy

Why HMA Recommends ?

Rekindle with your deepest passion in an idyllic and exclusive oasis of our handpicked accommodation, extraordinary villas and private homes. This is your perfect destination for rejuvenating weekends, family vacations, corporate retreats, and destination weddings.

Niraamaya Wellness treats – Surya Villas – Solan | Creating small moments for self-reflection and realization

Cities Covered: Solan, India
Ideal Duration: 4D | Best Time: Oct – Feb | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 3N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • One-to-one consultation with our Wellness Physician
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Pick-up and drop from/to Trivandrum airport or railway station.
  • Treatments and therapies as per Niraamaya Functional Medicine Program (tailormade as per individual need

Why HMA Recommends ?

Solan is a quaint and quiet hill station, which is ideal for couples and leisure travelers who wish to escape chaotic everyday life. With unique and memorable holistic experiences, bespoke wellness immersions and personalised sessions are all that you need for self-care.

Tree of Life Resort & Spa, Varanasi | A beautiful boutique resort that encompasses the spirit of Kashi or Varanasi as it is now known.

Cities Covered: Varanasi, India
Ideal Duration: 6D | Best Time: Oct – Feb | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 5N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • 3 meals daily
  • Tea / Coffee throughout the day with cookies
  • Unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi
  • 1 Tree of Life signature special experience.

Why HMA Recommends ?

Witness time stand still in the calm and serene small town away from the chaotic city life. Here’s your chance to be amazed by new experiences like a meal with an elephant, teaching in a school, treks in the hills, yoga, and meditation.

Naad Wellness | Amalgamation of mind, body & soul

Cities Covered: Delhi, India
Ideal Duration: 4D | Best Time: Oct – Feb | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 3N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • 3 Wellness cuisine meals daily
  • Individual Wellness Consultation
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Yoga Kriyas
  • Acupressure, Reflexology, etc..

Why HMA Recommends ?

Drawn from years of ancient wisdom, Ayurveda recognizes human beings and nature to be one. It is a medium to holistic wellbeing and is our core belief that the body possesses vital energies that are capable of healing from within and natural cures, diet regulation, and exercise are its tools of transformation.



Cities Covered: Koh Samui, Thailand | Ideal Duration: 5D | Best Time: Dec – Feb | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 4N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • All Meals
  • Wellness Consultation
  • Body Bioimpedance Analysis
  • Vital Essence Oil Massage, Far Infrared Sauna, Lotus Scrub & Wrap

Why HMA Recommends ?

This is an all-in-one travel destination that has the world’s top specialists that help in cultivating a sense of tranquility and serenity!

DAINTREE ECOLODGE AND SPA | Retreat To The World's Oldest Rainforest

Cities Covered: Queensland, Australia | Ideal Duration: 5D | Best Time: May-Sep | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 4N accommodation in a Bayan (Treehouse) accommodation
  • All Meals
  • Daily yoga, meditation, and breathwork session
  • Daintree Wellness Spa – 45minute signature spa treatment
  • Cocktail Botanist Class – two cocktails

Why HMA Recommends ?

The retreat was developed out of respect and with the approval of the Elders of the local Kuku Yalanji tribe. Their signature treatment is called Walbul-Walbul (meaning ‘Butterfly’) and immerses you in an indigenous cultural experience.

FIVELEMENTS RETREAT | Creating space for Life Transformation

Cities Covered: Ubud-Bali, Indonesia | Ideal Duration: 6D | Best Time: Jun-Sep | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 5N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • All Meals
  • Balinese Boreh – Body Care Ritual
  • Water Healing Session, Heaven Scent Aroma Massage, Embracing Change Session / Mindfulness / Meditation
  • Balinese Fire Blessing Ritual

Why HMA Recommends ?

Here’s your chance to envision love and witness first hand the power of transformation. You can expect to feel recharged, rejuvenated, relaxed and in a state of zen when you leave this heavenly destination. The plant based cuisine will only enhance your vigour for life!

ARO HA WELLNESS RETREAT | Experience a radically different kind of adventure.

Cities Covered: Glenorchy, New Zealand | Ideal Duration: 6D | Best Time: Dec-Apr | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 5N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • Hike in New Zealand’s sub-alpine World Heritage parks
  • Stretch with Aro Ha Yoga
  • Luxuriate in the Obsidian therapeutic Spa
  • Focus on mindfulness and meditation

Why HMA Recommends ?

Enliven a transformative Southern Alps retreat where wellness traditions meet luxury. Take it from us, we’ll show you how!

THE RETREAT – BLUE LAGOON | Luxury Getaway at The Retreat Blue Lagoon

Cities Covered: Reykjavík, Iceland | Trip duration:7N | Best travel time: Apr-Dec | Cruise, Honeymoon

Trip Includes :

  • 3N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • Transfers (can be arranged on request)
  • Unlimited use of the Retreat Spa, the Retreat Lagoon, and the Blue Lagoon, Two in-water massages, Private visit to the Moss wine cellar for 2 guests including 2 glasses of wine and canapés.
  • Meals: Two-course lunch or dinner for two at Spa Restaurant*, Four-course dinner for two at Lava Restaurant*, Seven-course tasting menu for two at Michelin-rated Moss Restaurant*

Why HMA Recommends ?

Retreat Spa transports your mind and body to new dimensions of peace and rejuvenation. Discover the aqua waters of the Blue Lagoon, the perfect location to see the Northern Lights (Oct to Mar). Journey through a spa of the volcanic earth.

EUPHORIA RETREAT | Relax & De-stress at The Euphoria Retreat

Cities Covered: Mystras, Greece | Ideal duration: 5D | Best time: Apr – June, Sep – Oct | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 4N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • Transfers (can be arranged on request)
  • Meals – (additional)
  • Euphoria Byzantine Hammam Ritual, 5 Element Balancing, Chakra Balancing Treatment or Reiki or Reconnective Healing or Sanctuary for Busy Minds, Personal Yoga Session, Sanctuary for Busy Minds, Reflexology with face rejuvenation massage or Thai massage, Group Mind Detox or Meditation

Why HMA Recommends ?

Only 2.5hrs from Athens and less than an hour from Kalamata airport, this is Europe’s leading wellbeing destination and spa hotel with both healing and holistic services—your ideal Greek spa getaway.

CHENOT PALACE WEGGIS | Recover & Energize at the Chenot Palace

Cities Covered: Weggis, Switzerland | Ideal Duration: 8D | Best time: Apr-Oct | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 7N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • Transfers (can be arranged on request)
  • Meals – (additional)
  • Detoxifying Diet
  • 1 Body Composition Analysis, 6 Chenot Energetic Massages, 6 Hydro-Aromatherapy Treatments, 6 Phyto-Mud Treatments, 6 Hydro-Jet Treatments

Why HMA Recommends ?

Programs are expertly crafted and designed to rejuvenate your body to reach its optimal health. The climate in Weggis is extremely mild and the resort usually benefits from many sunny days. It features a medical spa facility of 5 000 sqm with state-of-the-art diagnostics and cutting-edge medical screening tests.

SIANJI WELL-BEING RESORT | Rejuvenate at The Sianji Well-being resort

Cities Covered: Bodrum, Turkey | Ideal duration: 4D | Best travel time: Apr-May, Sep-Oct | Wellness

Trip Includes :

  • 3N Accommodation in Chosen Room Category
  • Transfers (can be arranged on request)
  • Meals – Sianji Life Alkaline Menu (3 alkaline main meal, 3 alkaline snacks)
  • Body analyzing, Detox master’s appointment, Unlimited fruit and herbal tea, pH 10 alkaline water, Steam room, sauna, Turkish bath, Beach, covered and open pool, thalasso pool.

Why HMA Recommends ?

You can not only embark on a unique renewal experience but also dine at the famous Eiffel Diet Restaurant where they serve a healthy alkaline diet menu. Muu Spa & Wellness is the first in Bodrum to offer VIP lounges and hammam.


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Saleel Nadkarni
    Saleel Nadkarni


    We had a wonderful time ! I highly recommend Svatma in Thanjavur – one of the best retreats we have stayed so far in Southern India. The property is beautiful, clean, serene, with a lovely spiritual touch to it. They serve STRICTLY Vegetarian cuisine only, which I believe is unique to Thanjavur & their authentic South Indian style Filter Coffee is to die for. Thanks to HMA REtreats, this trip was an unforgettable experience !

    Atul Bajekal
      Atul Bajekal


      I recently made a last minute booking to stay at the Daintree Ecolodge & Spa with my elderly parents, my wife and 2 children (4 & 9 years old). Absolutely loved it! The place is amazing, quiet, beautiful and comfortable. Perfect for you if you love rainforest, discovering different species, love peace and quiet and animals ! We stayed there for 4 nights with all of us, especially my parents who were very impressed. We had a superb host who was very very friendly and guided us to a nearby restaurant for dinner. We would definitely stay there again if ever the road takes us to Daintree National Park Rainforest. We will definitely be planning future vacations with HMA REtreats !

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